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Miniatures Parfum is a (Valid Domain Name) only and not a registered business.

Welcome to my new Ecwid site specializing in Men's Women's extremely high-end miniature fragrance sets.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to my new Ecwid store specializing in resale of extremely high-end Men's & Women's miniature fragrance packs and toiletry sets.

What's included a FREE M&S £5 High Street Shopping Voucher enclosed (wallet) together with Personal Invitation Card.

Although my store has not generated sales I shall try to provide an excellent customer service throughout.

Thank you for visiting my website and looking forward towards providing and excellent customer service on behalf of the Internet shopper.

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Mary Smith
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Gordon Hanscombe

Store curator

Miniatures Parfum is legally (Valid Domain Name) only and not acting as a registered business.

My website shall try to provide an excellent customer service. If however your dissatisfied with the appearance please email. 

Unfortunately, my website only operates within United Kingdom.


My fragrance store only purchases through genuine and trusted online registered merchants. 


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